måndag 4 juli 2011

Me and my new colleague's second shooting together.

Photo: Frankie Statuo
Styling: Me
Model: Zana Sinan

söndag 12 juni 2011

I got a new colleague at my work, Beyond Retro, and we decided to put our brains together and have some shootings... he takes the pictures, i do the styling!

Photo: Frankie Statuto
Styling: Me
Model: Georgia Padovan

måndag 23 maj 2011

Assignment in school, for about 2 years ago.
Task; Commercial/Fashion Photography.

Model; Elin

Assignment in school, 1 year ago.
Task; To describe Uddevalla in a photo... this is Uddevalla in my point of view.

måndag 2 maj 2011

6 months ago. Some photos from a late night with a friend. We borrowed the fur stole from my job.

Model; Kajsa

söndag 24 april 2011

Assignment in school where we were supposed to handle different materials; Metal, glass and fabrics. This is metal.

Model; Mika
1½ years ago

måndag 18 april 2011

These photos are the result of my final project in school. I got sponsored by Kitty Wigs, and it was such a pleasure to work with them! For behind the scenes photos and video, click here.

söndag 17 april 2011

Task in school for 1½ years ago.
Assignment; Dramatic light
Model; Elin

This is actually shot in the school's basement, in an elevator that haven't been used for years! Pretty scary, but what won't you do... art for art's sake!

Task in school for 1½ years ago.
Assignment; Romantic
Model; Elin

This is actually just the testshot, but I like it.

Model; Elin

Something I did in school like a year ago or so...
Model; Mika

A 5-year-old pic, from when I lived in Växjö and studied Design & Arts

Something i did in school, one year ago. Pretty much photoshop, actually... just to get the same expression on everyone's faces (well, almost the same)

Models; Hanna, Sara, Per, Emelie, Linn

lördag 16 april 2011

A 4-year-old pic of my gorgeous mother, today is her birthday! Congratz!
Sorry for the bad resolution